Grades 5-8 Technology, Math, Science or ELA Teachers & Technology Coordinators:

You are invited to attend the two-day summer institute, Technology Integration Strategies for Engaging MS Learners, June 7 and 8, 2017, at Black Hills State University in Spearfish, SD. Educators from across the state will gather to learn and apply compelling strategies to integrate technology into math, science, and ELA classroom instruction. Educators will be equipped to engage Middle School learners with principles and practices associated with being an informed and capable user of technology as it applies to core subject matter. Technology principles and practices are foundational for all students in the 21st Century and they warrant more focused attention as an essential component of Middle School classroom instruction. Thus, this event is an opportunity for teachers to be immersed in and empowered with strategies to address and integrate technology into their existing courses!

During the two-day training geared for grades 5-8 technology, math, science, or ELA teachers and technology coordinators, participants will gain understanding and hands-on experience with a diversity of technology applications with specific relevance for enhancing math, science, and ELA instruction. The applications will be engaging for participants as well as the MS learners they serve. In addition to learning key technology principles and practices, participants will interact with online curriculum materials and activities, review teacher and student tutorials, and examine lesson plans adaptable for their respective course content. A significant benefit is that participants will be connected to a rich and extensive “library” of online resources which they will have access to following the institute at no cost. The thoughtful and deliberate blend of technology applications with math, science, and ELA subject matter positions participants to provide more relevant and compelling learning experiences for today’s students—and to provide those learning experience with more confidence about their own knowledge and skills with technology.

What Will You Do at the Technology Integration Strategies Institute?

  • Day 1:  Dive deep into materials that cover core technology principles and practices to support and enhance classroom instruction and which will be modeled by the institute facilitators. Learn using the TLO model (Teacher, Learner, Observer) that combines online activities and “unplugged” activities (lessons in which students can learn concepts with or without a computer).  Engage in self-guided and self-paced tutorials which use sets of programming instructions to explore and practice algorithmic thinking.  Make use of physical manipulatives to model computational concepts with “unplugged” lessons. Learn to track student progress using application tools for the teacher.
  • Day 2: Explore and critique a diversity of supplemental online resources as they apply to the context of your teaching role at your school. Consider learning opportunities and activities for your subject area which accommodate a diversity of student needs and interests. Identify specific resources and lesson plans to begin incorporating into your classes.

Contact Kim Clark or Marcia Torgrude if you have specific questions about institute content or activities.

In addition to the training experience, incentives include:

  • $200 stipend for participating in the full two days
  • Materials and resources (hard copy and/or online) for implementation at the local district
  • Campus housing in apartments (2 persons/apartment) AND Meals at the BHSU Student Center
  • One hour of graduate credit available paid by participant ($40 and maybe subject to change)

Please note:

  • Participants are required to bring a laptop. iPads and smartphones are optional.
  • Registration is limited and will close April 1, 2017.
  • Targeted participants include grades 5-8 technology, math, science, or ELA teachers and technology coordinators.
  • Applicants will be confirmed on a first-come, first-serve basis with a priority for representation from all size schools across the state.

If you have questions about this event or Learning Power, please contact MaryLou McGirr or Dr. Jim Parry.