Keynotes & Pre-Conference Workshops

Creating a Mass Customized Learning Community: Drilling Down on the Components by Bea McGarvey

Discovering the New South Dakota Social Studies Content Standards by Michelle Maurani and Sam Shaw

Breakout Sessions

Alternative Education and Mental Health: Meeting the Needs of Unique Learners by Chad Herrmann

Beyond the Data and PD by Sally Crowser

Booktalk: Worlds of Making: Best Practices for Establishing a Makerspace for Your School by Julie Erickson

Create Your Own Highly-Relevant Professional Development by Rich Mittelstedt & Donna DeKraai

  1. EdCamp Brookings Experience – Word doc
  2. EdCamp in a Nutshell – Word doc

Cool Tools for Administration by Jennifer Munger & Sarah Weber

Customized Learning/Bush Site Leaders Panel moderated by Dr. Julie Mathiesen

ESSA: Let’s Talk by Laura Scheibe & Shannon Malone

Evidence-based Feedback & Data Analysis for Administrators by Matt Gill & Cher Daniel

Expanding Pathways into Computer Science by Ben Sayler, Maggie Austin & June Apaza

  1. 2015-16 EPCS Student Attitude Survey Results – pdf
  2. EPCS School District Invitation 2016-17 – pdf

From Purpose to Practice – Building An Assessment Blueprint by Myron Dueck

G-Words by Chase Mielke

  1. LINK – Prezi
  2. G-Words TIE SD – pdf
  3. Contact Chase at

GIS in Your Classroom: Incorporate Mapping Activities with a Free Platform and Ready Made Lesson Plans by Julie Erickson

How America’s Teachers Lost Control of Education and How They Can Get it Back by Jeanne Burckhard-McKenna

How Can SD-STARS Make My Life Easier? by Brad Steckelberg

  1. Systems Change presentation – pdf of powerpoint
  2. Report DIG – Student Longitudinal Achievement – pdf
  3. Report DIG – Student Profile – pdf
  4. Data Sources and Reports Revised 7-13-16 – pdf

Learning that Engages: PBL at Sioux Falls New Technology High School by Heidi Jorgenson & Dolly Ellwein

Learning with the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian by Michelle Nelin-Maurani

Mindsets by Nicol Reiner

Mystery Solved! by Rich Mittelstedt

Sneak Peek at Proposed State Standards for ELA & Math: A Roadmap for Change by Teresa Berndt & Nicol Reiner

  1. SystemsChangeELAMath_Oct2016 – pdf
  2. LINK to DOE Review website

What Happened to all the Rows? – Instructional Leadership for Administrators & the Social Studies by Michelle Nelin-Maurani