South Dakota Map Contest:

2020 Map Competition for South Dakota Students

Theme: South Dakota on the Map

What: ArcGIS Online map competition for South Dakota middle school and high school students

Deadline for submitting maps: May 7, 2020

Who is eligible: All South Dakota public, private or homeschooled students are eligible to enter the contest. Maps can be submitted individually or as a team of two students.  Limit one entry per student or team.

Entry limit: Each school will be limited to five maps for submission to the state contest. All maps entered should be judged using the rubric under Judging Criteria.

Theme: South Dakota on the Map: create an original South Dakota based map on a topic of interest or concern to you. The area mapped can range from the entire state to a smaller area in the state.

ArcGIS Online Requirement: You must use ArcGIS Online to create an original map that features an interesting story about South Dakota. The map you submit must be a story map in one of the following formats:

  • Story Map Journal
  • Story Map Series
  • Story Map Tour

ArcGIS Online is available to any K-12 school (or homeschool) in the United States free of charge from ESRI: Sign-up for a free ArcGIS Online School Organization Account. Your final map MUST be created using the school organization account. You may not use a public account.

Prizes: The five maps judged the best in each division will be awarded a $100 gift certificate to

  • Middle School Division — grades 4-8
  • High School Division — grades 9-12
  • Teams spanning grade levels will be entered in the division of the student in the upper grade.
  • Award-winning maps must remain visible to the public for one year.