How To Teach Reading to Recently Arrived Secondary Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education
by Jane Hill

This question has recently been raised by several SSTs who are experiencing secondary students arriving in SD without reading proficiency in their native language. If several educators have that question, then many probably do as well. Since so many of us are going to be in the same place in August, the DOE in conjunction with the North Central Comprehensive Center, decided to add on this working session for August 3 from 8:30-1:30.

Jane Hill, NCCC, will offer the 26 letters and 44 sounds from English to work from as participants select a language represented in SD and identify which sounds are similar. The group will discuss ways to explicitly transfer those sounds which are the same in two languages. Next, participants will identify which sounds do not exist in the native language that must be learned in English. The group will discuss ways to purposefully teach those sounds using authentic texts. The outcome will be resources we can use in the upcoming school year for teaching reading to this particular group of students.

Come with your best reading ideas!

Registration is limited to 25. Meals are NOT included.